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How to break down a 5,0m (16ft) high concrete column in under 5 min!

Friday afternoon – just after 4pm. Not quite summer yet in Cape Town, but hot enough already, a hectic hard slog of a week behind us.

Most of the groundwork for the new shopping complex have been completed, most bases & ground beams concrete been cast and the first batch of columns have been erected and concrete cast to these columns a bit earlier in the day.

Everybody has just washed up and ready to get home to get in some well deserved rest.

Then the phone call – The contractor just realized that the concrete ordered and cast to the columns was of an inferior strength to the specification.

What to do?

In this heat after the few hours since the cast, the concrete would have probably set fairly well already.

If left till the next morning, the contractor would require jackhammers and more than likely a few days of work would be in vain – so also would the rebar more than likely have to be replaced altogether.....

However, even though tired and already ready to head home, our staff decided to jump in and save the day (or days), the potential embarrassment with the engineers, architects and client!

And that is why we appreciate our staff - Solutions orientated  & always willing to help!




Also realized that it makes for:

Good exercise (no more expensive gyms),

Assists with any stress relieve (no more expensive therapists).

Video also available on YouTube link:




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